Stamped Concrete How To Do It

Surface preparation:

  1. The ground work should be graded and well compacted.
  2.  Formwork setting and placement of steel reinforcement and expansion joints.

Stamped concrete application: 

  1. The concrete containing Concretefibers will be placed into the working area, adjusting the required slope.
  2. Application of Concrete color hardener in 2 or 3 different applications.
  3. Finishing and smoothing the surface.
  4. Application of concrete color powder release agent.
  5. Imprinting and Stamping using concrete colors tools and mats.
  6. After few days, proceed with washing of the surface using a pressure washer and mono brush. Construction and crack control joints are then introduced.
  7. When dry, application of Concreteseal as a final protective layer.